Medicavera is a young and developing Polish medical supply company specialized in delivering products for anesthesia, intensive care. Beside the critical care products we also deal with the DVT prevention products. Since March 2014 Medicavera is a part of a Dahlhausen® Group an important European medical distribution house.

We do represent important European and American medical product brands on Polish market.

Our main business is based on:

Dahlhausen- a very well recognized German medical products' manufacturer and distributor. Mostly concentrated on critical care products. 

Cincinnati Sub Zero- a Patient Temperature Management company. Well known for their hypothermia Blanketrol III system and WarmAir - convective warming device with the complete set of FIlteredFlo quilts.

Medlab- a German manufacturer of reliable pulseoximeters and capnographs. 

Every company is based on a people, and Medicavera is no exception. Our people are derived from the biggest medical and pharmaceutical companies of the world and do have either strong medical background or extensive experience.

Many of our customers and business partners find us reliable and well business oriented. We would like to become a reliable partner for you, as well.

As this website shows, we do represent important European and global medical manufacturers. We are also open for new cooperation and businesses, so if you are planning to discover the Polish medical market for your business, we would be happy to be your partner.

Do not hesitate to contact us.