Device to manage the temperature of the patient Blanketrol III


In our offer, in addition to warming devices, there is also a device to manage the temperature of the patient. The Blanketrol III system with active cooling technology is an ideal solution for therapeutic hypothermia, a medical procedure recommended by the Polish Resuscitation Council as an advanced resuscitation procedure for patients with sudden cardiac arrest.

The Blanketrol III system, consisting of the main unit and dedicated Kool-Kit covers or Gelli-Roll foundations, ensures over 80% coverage of the patient’s body surface. As the only device on the market, it has 3 independent connections, allowing the use of 3 sets of covers, including vests on the torso, leg covers and a bonnet. Blanketrol III means simplicity of use, accuracy of operation and, above all, safety of the patient.

With 5 automatic operating modes, the device allows to select the right warm therapy for the majority of patients. Blanketrol III gives us the ability to save and transfer the data on the therapy to a computer where they can be graphically processed or placed on a graph.


Dimensions432 x 432 x 953 mm
Weight59,4 kg
Water temperature range4°C - 42°C
Patient temperature range30°C - 40°C
Water flow136,3 l/h