Diaphanoscope ASTODIA


The Astodia vein detector makes it easy to find blood vessels for a simple and reliable puncture. In addition, the Astodia diaphanoscope helps the user to find subcutaneous structures filled with air or fluid.

The device can be used primarily in paediatrics, for neonates and premature babies. The veins and arteries are perfectly visible, which makes the puncture easier.

The Astoria has two LEDs, both with adjustable intensity, which emit red or orange light as required. Orange provides a high contrast while red penetrates deep into the tissues. This makes it easier to diagnose hydrocephalus and pneumothorax.

Improvements offered by the ASTODIA diaphanoscope allow routine use of transiluminations in difficult to visualize vascular conditions.

Once Astoria is placed in a sterile pouch, the device can also be used for central puncture.


Weight200 g (controller), 30 g handle
Operating modescontinuous
Power supplybattery
Battery capacity5 hours of operation