Volumetric infusion pump Medima


The P300 syringe infusion pump has a large, high-resolution colour graphic display, intuitive user interface in Polish, touch screen and numeric keypad.
The pump uses advanced safety features and offers exceptional infusion uniformity. The automatic system of syringe installation and recognition as well as short time to infusion start make this device not only attractive in terms of price, but also offering the best solutions and quality of workmanship.

The device can be integrated with hospital databases (HIS/PDMS).

We also offer models P100 and P200

Model P100

  • basic model, continuous infusion in ml/h
  • counting the infusion rate on the basis of volume and time
  • installation time of the infusion set and start-up of the infusion takes a few seconds

Model P200

  • offers the capabilities of the P100 model
  • allows the user to program infusions in all the units used
  • available infusion types: continuous, periodic, profiled and TPN

Model P300

  • offers the capabilities of the P200 model
  • one library for the entire hospital
  • a number of functions increasing infusion security
  • additional pump configuration specific to each hospital ward


Weight2,5 kg
Working time15 hours with 25 ml/h infusion
Charging timeup to 5h
Supply rate0,1 - 1200 ml/h
Memory2000 events